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Frequently Asked Questions -Summer Tech Camp 2024

Q: I changed my mind about the week I chose for my child. Can I transfer to a different week?

A: Yes, you can do it on your account when you sign in on or you can send an email to with the child's first and last name, the current week they are enrolled in, and which week you would like to switch to and lastly please provide the child's age.

Q: Why is the summer $50 for just 1 week and the year-round charge is $25?

A: The difference in pricing between the summer week(s) and the year-round membership reflects the increased operational costs associated with the summer program. During the summer, several factors contribute to higher expenses, such as longer operating hours, increased number of children attending, and added immersive indoor and outdoor activities.

Q: Will food be provided?

A: Yes breakfast, lunch, and snacks are provided for all students

Q: Can my child bring his/her own lunch?

A: Yes, students can bring their snacks and lunch. However, we do provide snacks and lunch to ALL students. 

Q: My child is signed up for July 8th-12th, she's 8 years old and turning 9 on August 14th. What group should I sign her up for?

A. Please sign your child up for the age group they fall within at the time of enrollment.

Q: Will there be anything provided for teens?

A: Students between the ages of 13-14 are welcome to apply for Summer Tech Camp. Students between the Ages of 15-18 are welcome to apply for the volunteer camp counselor position.

Q: Will transportation be provided?

A: Transportation is NOT provided. 

For further questions, contact:

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