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Secure a Lucrative Career with Cyber Security

Get Certified. Get Hired. Get Paid.

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About the Program

In the rapidly growing tech industry, the need for cybersecurity expertise is soaring. Join our comprehensive 24-week, in-person Cyber Security program to gain essential certifications that open doors to lucrative career opportunities in this high-demand field.


This FREE training program is taught by the hiring managers and will provide you the best possible starting point to succeed in the industry of cyber security.

Course is valued at $14,000 and qualifies you for high-demand growth positions

in the industry of cyber security.


Two certificates are available as part of this FREE program: 

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA $300 value)

​You will learn to install networks, manage bandwidth, and secure servers. The CCNA will certify  you to install and maintain the foundation of our digital age.

Comptia-Security+ ($479 value)

Beyond just tech support, you will be the first line of defense for your

employer's cyber offensive. 


   Program Incentives:

  • Receive needed tech devices to complete the program, including a laptop or hotspot. 

  • Learn from experienced hiring managers in the field through hands-on courses.

  • Join a vibrant social network learning community

comprising IT/networking professionals. 

  • Secure promising job placement opportunities upon successful

completion of the program. 

  • Technology device assistance available.

About the CCNA Certificate

After taking this program, you will be eligible for the following jobs:

  • IT Security administrator: $68,645

  • Senior systems engineer: $108,459

  • Cybersecurity engineer: $96,124

  • Cybersecurity analyst: $77,038

  • Information technology (IT) manager: $81,820

  • Network engineer: $78,107

  • Security engineer: $89,363

  • Systems administrator: $66,721

  • Network administrator: $63,482

Program Partners

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