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My name is Sherri Francois. I’m the Chief Impact Officer at SoLa Impact and the Executive Director of the SoLa Foundation. I grew up in South Los Angeles and spent most of my childhood in Compton. When I learned what SoLa Impact was doing to prevent homelessness and end intergenerational poverty in South LA, I had to come on board. In 2017, I created the SoLa Foundation to build access and opportunities for South LA families and children. Since then, our organization has grown into a robust 10-person social impact team. I love this community and this work because it’s not just a job, it’s deeply personal.

Sherri Francois

Executive Director

Chief Impact Officer

SoLa Impact

SoLa Foundation

About the SoLa Foundation

If you CAN see it, you CAN be it.

Working to end intergenerational poverty in South Los Angeles through community development, access to education, and economic opportunity.

The SoLa Foundation (est. 2017), the 501(c)(3) nonprofit affiliate of SoLa Impact, is built on a simple premise: If you CAN see it, you CAN be it. SoLa aims to improve the lives of South LA residents through access to educational, technological, and economic opportunities. We work towards uplifting underserved Black and Latinx communities using our four pillars of change:

  1. Access to Career Development & Entrepreneurship 

  2. Access to Education & Tech Innovation

  3. Access to Financial Literacy & Economic Mobility

  4. Access to College Readiness & Scholarships

About SoLa Impact

Doing well by doing good.

SoLa Impact is a family of social impact, real estate funds focused on high-quality affordable housing, catalyzing economic development, and providing access to educational opportunities in low-income communities. SoLa Impact was recently recognized as the nation’s leading Urban OZ fund by Forbes & the Sorenson Impact Center. We leverage robust, data-driven social impact strategies to not only improve the communities we invest in, but to deliver superior financial returns.

In 2021, Riot Games partnered with us to fund the completion and operation of the SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship Center. The SoLa tech center is now open to the South LA community with educational programming in technology and entrepreneurship. 


Our partners

& sponsors

It takes a village. Our work would not be possible without the energy and dedication of our 40+ partners and corporate sponsors. 

We are grateful to work alongside notable organizations such as the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation, First Republic Bank, and United Way.

Our Sponsors

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Our Partners

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