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1000 for 1000



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COVID has disproportionately impacted our South LA community's access to education. South LA students are 3x less likely to keep up with their school curriculum due to either poor or no internet connectivity than students in other parts of LA county. 1 in 5 South LA families can't afford the internet connectivity needed during COVID.

Our campaign is providing 1000 days of free, high quality internet for 1000 families. In addition, we are giving away laptops and Beats by Dre headphones to students and families who need them.


raised to bridge the digital divide for South LA families and children.

My wife and I are both immigrants and we have been self-employed but since the pandemic started our clients can no longer pay us. My children live in a small room and all attend school during the same hours. I can't afford a better Wi-fi plan as we are no longer working, and our current plan is always slow and it unexpectedly goes out during the day. My kids have really been struggling, especially when the internet goes out in the middle of class, a test, or close to one of their deadlines. This hotspot is truly a gift, thank you so much.


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I have a child in special education classes and the device that the school provided is so horrible. We can never connect and our home Wi-fi is very unstable so we end up using my cellular data a lot. This hotspot helps us reduce our bills and gives us a strong stable connection, thank you so much!


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I lost my job back in August and since then we have been struggling to keep our bills up to date. With rent, electricity, gas, car insurance, etc. I am afraid our internet will be cut off due to lack of payment. My kids depend on the Wi-Fi to do their schoolwork. Your help is a godsend, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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