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We designed this initiative to provide the South LA community with the tools, coaching, guidance, support, mentorship, & expertise to launch their career into the next level.

Career Development Workshops

Launchpad is a one day workshop held in-person at our state-of-the-art SoLa Beehive Tech & Entrepreneurship Center, designed to help you master the basics of building your brand, gaining confidence, & employment.

Key Topics Covered

  • In-person training

  • Hands on assistance from recruiting experts

  • Differentiating from your competition

  • Resume writing, best practices, & identifying ATS keywords

  • Creating a great first impression

  • Creating LinkedIn accounts

  • Professional headshots for your LinkedIn account

  • Job searching - Where & How

  • Preparing for your interview

  • Questions to ask your interviewer

  • Interview follow-up etiquette

  • Follow up career coaching

Coaching and workshops are conducted by our certified & accredited senior success coach and director of professional development: Laura “Jane” Doxey.

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