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If You CAN see it, You CAN be it!

The SoLa Tech and Entrepreneurship Center
is on a mission to train and inspire the next generation of Black and brown tech and entertainment leaders and entrepreneurs from South Los Angeles. 


Join us and discover the center's exciting programs in our

four career pathways:

1. Technology  2. Arts, Media and Entertainment  

3. Entrepreneurship  4. Esports and Video Game Design.

The SoLa Tech Membership
A membership for after-school programming during the academic year

The SoLa Tech & Entrepreneurship Center membership makes the tech center accessible for the whole academic year. This includes Winter, Fall, & Spring sessions. Perks include the following:


  • Access to as many classes as you want 

  • Exclusive field trips

Spring Session 2024 Class Schedule
for Ages 8-21

April 2nd, 2024 - June 5th, 2024

Register for classes after purchasing a SoLa Tech Membership

NEW-Spring 2024 Program Schedule_Page_1.png
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The Grand Opening of the SoLa Tech & Entrepreneurship Center


(323) 306 4645

The Tech Center is open from Monday - Thursday.

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