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Tech Center FAQs

Q. What is the SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship Center?


The SoLa Tech Center is a state-of-the-art community center, offering free programs to South Los Angeles youth and community members. To bridge the digital divide in South Los Angeles, the center will offer high quality educational programming alongside leadership and entrepreneurship development in an exciting and safe environment free of charge to the community. 


Q: What kind of classes and programs are offered at the Tech Center?


A: We offer a wide variety of programs and classes ranging from workforce development and career readiness workshops to robotics and graphic design. Most programs are designed for 10-week cohorts at a time and take place on a weekly basis. Click here to see a list of our upcoming programs and available classes.


Q: What are hours of operations?


A: The Tech Center after school programming hours is open from 3:00pm PT - 7:00pm PT Monday - Thursday.


Q: Who is eligible to sign up for classes?


A: If you are between the ages of 10-21 and live in South LA, you can sign up! To learn more about our current programs and courses, please click here.


Q: What does it cost to sign up for classes?


A: Classes are free to the public!


Q: What COVID-19 safety protocols are in place?


A: The SoLa Tech Center is following all LA County and LAUSD Covid guidelines. For more info please visit the LA County website here.


Q: Is there parking available at the SoLa Tech Center?


A: Yes, there is parking available on site with an entrance at 921 E. 61th St Los Angeles Ca 90001. Additional street parking is available in front of the SoLa Beehive on 60th Street(950 E. 60th St).


Q: What happens if I’m delayed at work and can’t make it to pick up time?


A: A SoLa staff member will be available up to one hour after closing. We ask that you please call the tech center if you are ever having issues picking up your student on time. 


Q: Is there childcare available at the SoLa Tech Center?


A: No, unfortunately SoLa does not offer childcare at this time.


Q: Is the Tech Center wheelchair accessible?


A: Yes


Q: Is the SoLa Tech Center available for rent?


A: Yes, to learn more about our leasing and rental opportunities, click here.


Q: Will the students be supervised the entire time? 


A: Yes, students will always be under staff supervision until they are checked out by a parent/guardian.


Q: What is the staff-to-student ratio?


A: There will be at least one staff member for every 10 students in the tech center at all times.


Q: Will food be provided? If so, what kind?


A: A healthy supper meal will be provided to all students daily.


Q: What if the program is full when I enroll?


A:  We will do our best to ensure all students get a chance to experience the center. Your child will be placed on a priority waitlist and notified when room becomes available. Also, students will have the opportunity to sign up for future class opportunities. 


Q: What safety protocols exist at the center?


A: The safety of students, staff and community members in the center is of the of the utmost importance to SoLa. The center has on site security and a state of the art security system. All of our staff are trained on trauma informed care. In addition, there will always be a staff member on site that is trained in CPR and can administer an EpiPen, if needed. 


Q: What areas do you focus on other than Technology & Entrepreneurship?


A: The center teachers entrepreneurship, leadership, social/emotional learning and critical thinking. The center promotes an environment of cultural understanding through thoughtful interactions with teachers that dispel stereotypes and help students appreciate differences and value diversity. The center also encourages creative expression through self-expression, creativity and innovation.


Q: Where can I go to make a donation to the SoLa I CAN Foundation?


A: Thank you for the support! 


For a check, please make it out to:


SoLa I CAN Foundation

8629 S. Vermont Ave

Los Angeles, CA 90044

You can also make a donation online, here.

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