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Technology and Entrepreneurship Summer Camp

July 26 - Aug 13, 2021

3 one-week Tech Camps available for South LA students ages 10-14

Dive into the world of technology and design! Campers will be immersed in a weeklong exploration of fun, creative, and exciting tech experiences utilizing state-of-the-art iMac and gaming computers, Oculus virtual reality headsets, old-school arcade games, and more.

We are adding 3 more weeks to our 2021 Summer Tech Camp from July 26 to August 13! Each week 20 NEW campers will have the opportunity to participate in “Design a Gaming World.”


Camp programming:

Camps run Monday through Friday. Lunch is provided daily.

Drop off is at 9am | Pick up at 3pm


Design a Gaming World

7/26 - 7/30

8/2 - 8/6

8/9 - 8/13

What kind of video games do you love to play? Create your own video game, designing characters, and producing music for your game. You will also learn to create promotional and branded materials to promote and “sell” your game!

COVID Safety Measures

All programs shall adhere by the provisions of the COVID Safety Plan.


This includes maintaining appropriate physical distancing among participants and shall not exceed the maximum occupancy limits for the applicable space. Employees and participants who have not been vaccinated must undergo consistent testing and reporting to program administrators weekly.


Physical distancing and occupancy limits

We will digitally check in all participants using QR codes. We will never exceed 20% room occupancy. Participants will sit and occupy designated spaces 6ft apart from each other at all times. We will post signs to discourage congregation of groups. We will also place signage within areas where communal gathering may occur (bathroom areas, outside courtyard, eating areas, etc.) to promote social distancing.


Hygiene and cleaning requirements

All high-touch areas throughout the program will be frequently monitored and cleaned. There will be various sanitizing stations placed throughout the areas.


Track of attendance (for contact tracing purposes)

A digital temperature check and participant sign-in will be required in order to attend this program.  


Posted and mandated signage

  • “If anyone has flu-like symptoms (cough, sneeze, runny nose, etc.) we ask them to not attend this session in-person.”

  • “Stay 6ft from all individuals at all times”

Rules Required of all participants

  • Masks are required by all attendees while indoors at all times, regardless of the distance between themselves and others.

  • Physical distancing guidelines require that attendees maintain at least six (6) feet of distance between themselves and others at all times.

  • The touching of shared surfaces and the sharing of objects should be limited. If items have to be shared, hands must be washed or sanitized afterwards. Room moderator will be responsible for wiping down equipment and tables between intermissions/start of day/end of day.

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Sign up for our 3-week extension program!


The SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship summer camp offers fun, high quality, educational and leadership programming in technology skills and entrepreneurship, free of charge to students in South LA.

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