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COVID Retraining and Recovery (CORE) Fund


The COVID-19 Retraining and Recovery Fund (CORE) was launched to help community members severely financially affected by COVID-19 fundamentally change the trajectory of their professional lives. CORE Scholars will retrain in new careers, emerging in stronger economic and professional positions than before. 

CORE has awarded $1 million in scholarships to 201 deserving scholars. We are grateful to the Oprah Winfrey Charitable Foundation, Jimmy Iovine and Liberty Ross, Ashley and Marc Merrill and others for their continued support and partnership.

CORE Scholars


First generation college attendees


Pursuing medical career track


Pursuing technology


Pursuing other career track


We have awarded CORE scholarships to deserving, ambitious individuals who are heading into their selected academic programs. Here are just two of their incredible stories.

Trena Murphy

First CORE Scholar

Trena is our first CORE Scholar and a fierce believer in creating your own silver linings. For Trena, CORE represents more than just an opportunity for her dream of becoming a Licensed Vocational Nurse to be realized—it is the opening of a door to a better life for her and her family.

DSC04591 (2).JPG

CORE Success Academy

SoLa I Can launched the exclusive Success Academy to help every CORE Scholar achieve success in their academic and career endeavors. The vision is to provide a comprehensive program leveraging the whole person care approach.



Success Coaching provides Scholars with access to community resources and ongoing support to identify goals and develop actionable plans to achieve their academic and career goals.



Success Training is a soft-skills educational program offered in partnership with UCLA-extension to support Scholars in acquiring necessary skills to be successful in securing, maintaining, and progressing in a job.


Mentoring provides CORE Scholars with a consistent and trustworthy role model that supports their career goals and exposes them to new opportunities.

Applications for CORE are closed at this time. Thank you for your interest.

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